When it comes to dating a russian blonde woman, a large number of stereotypes comes into play. Obviously, apart from knowing how beautiful and loving blonde russian women usually are, people also have highly prejudiced opinions as to their intellectual abilities, as well as real needs in what concerns men. However, there is no black and white in this life, and all the prejudices make it sometimes impossible for people to make right decisions.

Dispelling The Myths About Blonde Girls

Below are some of the most widespread misconceptions about blond russian women which have to be dispelled in the minds of men from all over the world:

  • they are stupid: it is said that blonde russian woman are fair as they have straw in their heads instead of brains. It may sound a little bit offensive and it actually is. There are no solid grounds for this opinion and therefore it has to be questioned by men and anyone who hears it;
  • they want money: to make this stereotype sound even worse, they want money from their men instead of love. Such an opinion must be based on the fact that life in many parts of Russia is not that lush as one would like it to be and therefore girls want to catch God by his beard and secure a good life. In reality, though, these women are among the most hard-working ones in the whole world;
  • they care about themselves only: all this beauty, make-up and dressing-up makes people think that these women are selfish and are not able to take care of a family. Things are quite different when it comes to life as they are one of the best family keepers and caretakers;
  • they are not capable to work: and instead of working they only spend the money of their rich husbands. Does it still make sense to dispel this stereotype? I do not think so;
  • they are gold-diggers: they not only want money but money become the essence of their lives. They drive their decisions and choice of partners and no love is involved here. The chances are color of hair is not capable to impact one’s life preferences that much.

This is very unfortunate that many men worldwide blindly believe a number of awful stereotypes about blonde russian women. Since it all comes down in the end to the personality and personal characteristics of the person and definitely not his or her hair color. If one says that brunette girls are never money-minded, this will definitely not be an objective truth. With russian blonde women same rule applies.

Top 5 Myths About Blonde Russian Women

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